Media Toolkit

Your story and personal experience with electronic visit verification (EVV) are always the most compelling when talking to others about this issue!

If you’re unsure how to begin conversation or want more guidance on directing the conversation, feel free to use the media toolkit items below. You will find:

  • Recommended social media post content
  • Hashtags to use when discussing EVV
  • Images and memes
  • Frequently Asked Questions on EVV
  • Sample telephone scripts
  • Contact lists to Congress members and state Medicaid Directors
  • Links to petitions and relevant news articles


Stop EVV understands that ending electronic visit verification in its entirety is not an option. We seek to end intrusive components. To that end, we propose the following:

(1) Pass a congressional bill amending the 21st Century Cures Act to exempt consumer-directed programs, and family-provided care, from the EVV requirements, maintaining the intent and integrity of these programs and waivers; 

(2) Prohibit the use of invasive EVV components, including GPS tracking, biometrics, camera use and audio recording within a consumer’s private home; and

(3) Recommend the use of web-based timesheets with dual authentication by both the consumer and the provider at the close of the pay period, like most government agencies use for their employees. A website timesheet can be designed to include entry for location, type of service provided, and start and end times. The consumer will be able to authenticate the hours and services provided using their own login and password. Each provider will also have their own, separate and unique login and password to authenticate timesheets. Once both parties have authenticated the same information, these web-based timesheets can be directly, electronically submitted to a third-party payroll for processing.

Suggested Social Media Posts

You can also feel free to use these short, succinct messages through Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms.

There is a shortage crisis of home care providers in the nation. Low wages, few or no benefits and now #EVV privacy intrusions are driving providers to quit the field. This creates a heightened risk for disabled people to end up institutionalized. #StopEVV
As citizens of the United States we are guaranteed the same freedoms as anyone in America. We are disabled but we are not criminals and shouldn’t be treated as such. No cameras & audio recordings in disabled homes! #EVV #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
All states are set to have #EVV implemented by 2020 or lose 1% of Medicaid funding. We demand fair, accessible technology that does not infringe on #privacy rights! #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
We have a nationwide shortage of healthcare workers. Use of invasive #EVV is causing many to quit. This loss of providers will cause disabled and older Americans to be institutionalized! #OurHomesNotNursingHomes #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
Electronic Visit Verification #EVV is a violation of my Constitutional rights! We are disabled we are not criminals. #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
Imagine a camera controlled by someone else that you’re required to bring everywhere you go. Someone is always watching you and listening in on your most private conversations. Say NO to #EVV! #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
Big Brother knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you’re awake. #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
Congress wants to end fraud by spying on private citizens when the fraud is right under their noses at the billions of dollars giveaway to tech companies and managed care insurers! #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
I am an employer. Now Big Brother wants to usurp my right to supervise my own employees while they’re in my private home. #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
Would you let the government record the sexy details you whisper to your partner at night? #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
Identity theft is on the rise. No one should be required to have their HIPAA protected information and minute-by-minute geolocation available in ‘the cloud’ for hackers. #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
Electronic visit verification #EVV is required by 2020 for #disabled and older Americans needing help in their private homes. When will you be next? #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
How many data breaches of medical information will it take to lose a government contract? #HIPAA #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
Amend the 21st Century Cures Act to exempt consumer-direction and family care from #EVV requirements. #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
Keep private homes private. Stop audio and video recording #disabled and older Americans via electronic visit verification. #EVV #StopEVV #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights
The personal care industry has experienced a nationwide shortage for years, with some of the lowest wages of any field. Consumers are now reporting staff quitting at increasing rates over #EVV. Who will be left to take care of you? #StopEVV #disabilityrights #civilrights

Hashtags to Use When Discussing EVV

The following hashtags will help us all to follow along with social media discussions:
#EVV #StopEVV #ElectronicVisitVerification #ConsumersFirst #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #CripTheVote #DisabledNotCriminal #disabilityrights #civilrights #OurHomesNotNursingHomes

Images and Memes for Download

Stop EVV logo contains red octagon background with a white trim with black and white text inside a magnifying glass that reads Stop EVV
Stop EVV logo (png)
4th Amendment (png)
When will you be next (jpg)
Who's watching you (jpg)
Amend Cures Act (jpg)
Won't get away with it (jpg)
Data breach (jpg)
Stop geotracking (jpg)
Keep homes private (jpg)
Not criminals (jpg)
I'll be watching you (jpg)
No voyeurism (jpg)
One size fits all (jpg)
Provider shortage (jpg)
Consumer quotes 1 (jpg)
Consumer quotes 2 (jpg)
Consumer quotes 3 (jpg)
Consumer quotes 4 (jpg)
A moment of peace (jpg)
Intimate space (jpg)

Telephone Scripts

Contact your Congress members and state Medicaid Directors via phone and let them know you oppose invasive EVV components! We’ve provided sample telephone scripts for you to follow.

(1) Contact your Representative and Senators directly or call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for their office. 

“My name is ___________ and I am a constituent. I am calling to let my representative know that I want him/her to introduce a bill banning the use of GPS tracking and biometrics collection through electronic visit verification (EVV) systems required to be used by consumers of home care and personal care services paid for through Medicaid.”

(2) Call your state Medicaid Director.

“My name is ___________ and I am (a Medicaid consumer / an independent provider / a consumer’s family member / a concerned citizen). I am calling to demand that my state Medicaid department prohibit the use of invasive electronic visit verification (EVV) components for disabled and older Americans who use personal care and home health care services. I do not agree with any EVV system that uses GPS tracking, biometric collection, places a camera in a private home or can potentially capture audio. Please support a web-based time sheet.”

Contact Lists

Write to and phone your Congress members and state Medicaid Directors!

Locate your Congressional leaders

Find your state Medicaid Director

Senate members (Follow buttons)

Senate member Twitter handles list

House members (Follow buttons)

House member Twitter handles list

Political reporters on Twitter (Follow buttons)

Congressional media reporters on Twitter (Follow buttons)

Tweet at some of the biggest IT companies making and selling EVV: @mygeotracking @Sandata_Tech @HomeCareTech @Axxess @AloraSoftware @CareWatchInc1 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stop EVV developed this short 2-page FAQ document to introduce individuals to electronic visit verification (EVV). These documents may be printed and distributed widely!

FAQ Feb 2018 (docx)

FAQ Feb 2018 (pdf)