Stop EVV logo with black outline of the United States, a red magnifying glass with a white international disability symbol on top. Stop EVV is written in red and blue above and below the image..

Stop EVV launched a new version of their website at the start of 2020. Individuals can find information from frequently asked questions (FAQs), EVV lingo definitions, a new media toolkit and more. The website showcases a new national logo, as well as unique logos for each state coalition, re-branded in a traditional American color scheme of red, white and blue.

"We want to re-focus our campaign on the core issues, which happen to be very American issues," said Kendra Scalia, Stop EVV Director of Policy. "Electronic visit verification is a direct violation of our right to privacy as guaranteed in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. We're also seeing the early impact of EVV infringe on disabled Americans' ability to live in their homes, which is a right this community fought for and, should it be removed directly or indirectly, violates the Olmstead decision."

Additionally, Stop EVV announced a new social media campaign beginning February 2020. They are calling on all members of the community to participate. Interested participants can submit selfies with one of several signs developed to enhance the conversations surrounding privacy rights and consumer rights in electronic visit verification.

Scalia said we can look forward to seeing more information about current EVV impact, state issues, and a push for federal legislation that will address privacy concerns as the year continues.