Stop EVV is an American grassroots campaign led by disabled people and independent personal care providers. We believe the federal law that requires Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) violates civil rights and erodes independent living options.

Stop EVV is a proud member of the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) EVV Task Force and Steering Committee! Our staff serve on the Task Force and Steering Committee as both members and Co-Chair.


Stop EVV fights for the guarantee to the Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy under the United States Constitution for disabled people and their individual providers forced to use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). We advocate to maintain independent living rights to choice, control, flexibility, freedom and equality. Stop EVV uses grassroots mobilization efforts to highlight issues within the home care industry with regard to EVV impact, ensure disabled Americans maintain their ability to remain in the community, and demand civil rights to privacy are protected by law.


Help end invasive

EVV components


Stop EVV is a peer-led and peer-run campaign that supports disabled recipients of home and community-based services paid through Medicaid in maintaining their rights to privacy and dignity. We advocate on the national level to end the harmful parts of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). On a state and local level, we help build state coalitions and guide local leaders on their state policy.


We protect the original intent and integrity of independent living programs and waivers by calling on Congress to exempt consumer-directed programs and shared living environments, such as family provided care or live-in providers, from federal EVV requirements.

Stop EVV demands Congress and state officials prohibit the use of invasive components in Electronic Visit Verification systems. We refuse to accept that global positioning systems (GPS) tracking, biometric data collection or geofencing is a necessary part of capturing the location feature in EVV.

As an EVV solution, Stop EVV recommends and supports the use of web-based time sheets, where both the consumer and individual provider can input and edit shifts on a weekly basis.