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Going out caroling this winter season? Here’s a new jingle you can sing to your representatives, state Medicaid departments and fiscal intermediaries!

Santa Claus looking through binoculars on the right. To the left is black text on white background that reads: EVV is Comin' to Town You better clock out You better clock in EVV apps can see where you've been Sandata is watching you poo They're checking for "fraud" And tracking your phone Gonna find out if you left your home Time4Care is watching you pee They see you when you're sleeping They spy when you're awake They store your fingerprints and voice For identity thieves to take So you better stay home No more vacation Leaving your house is an "exception" EVV is comin' to town They track disabled people Who've committed no crime Taking our Fourth Amendment rights Freedom, privacy and time So you better clock out You better clock in And let Big Brother track where you've been Medicaid is watching you poo! Learn more at

Stop EVV is calling for a federal ban on the use of GPS and biometrics in all EVV systems nationwide!

Help us protect the privacy of disabled Americans and their personal care attendants.
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The Cures Act requires states implement EVV by January 1, 2020. These EVV systems are required to identify the:

  • type of home care service provided
  • location of services
  • start and end times
  • individual receiving the services
  • individual providing the service

Some states have used electronic visit verification (EVV) systems to violate the civil rights of people with disabilities and their personal care attendants. Federal law does not require GPS or biometrics (such as voice recording, eye scans, fingerprint scanning, photography, etc). Some states are using EVV systems to create barriers to care, which directly places disabled people in grave harm and threat of institutionalization.

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